Graphics Design
What can I create for you today?

I am a creative graphics designer with an inspired process for concept development. If you need a newspaper advertisement, billboard, pamphlet, booklet, book, Internet banner advertisement, or e-media for the Internet, I can design and develop engaging content and media for you with the advanced development tools at my disposal and the professional media experience I have.

What I can do for you:

  1. Logo, brand, and business media design (business cards, letter heads, note stock)
  2. Typography
  3. Page layout and publications design
  4. Advertisement and Marketing materials design for both print and web media.

What I Charge

  1. $50.00 per hour / $400.00 per day (8 hours per day)
  2. The rate on projects for non profit organizations is negotiable

Please contact me for consultation and estimates on your project.