Adding Interest to Information ... I Can Do That!

    I am a web animator (non character animation) that can help your website create an impact. If you need an animated landing page, header, Internet banner advertisement, or interactive content for an Apple iBook. I can design and develop engaging animated web content and media for you with Java, CSS 3, and HTML 5.

What I can do for you:

  1. Animated landing page for your web page
  2. Animated header for your site
  3. Internet banner advertisement
  4. Animation module for Appleā€™s iBooks creation software.

What I will not do:

  1. Flash-based projects. I work in standards based HTML 5, CSS 3, and Java
  2. Take on half-finished projects (they however can be used as a concept starting point).

What I Charge

  1. $50.00 per hour / $400.00 per day (8 hours per day)
  2. The rate on projects for non profit organizations is negotiable.

Please contact me for consultation and estimates on your project.