About Me

My name is William Reese, I am an artist, graphics designer, and web site designer.

My Education

I am a graduate of the Penn State School of Business, and Penn State's school of computer sciences. I attended Clarion University of Pennsylvania and I graduated with a degree in Mass Media, Arts, Journalism, and Communication Sciences. For now I work and volunteer for a small non-profit organization, and run my own freelance business.

My Hobbies and The Things I Like


Please Twins!, Read or Die promotional artwork

I am a major anime and manga fan (known as being an Otaku which is a Japanese term used to refer to people with obsessive interests in anime, manga, or video games). My favorite anime movies are pretty much anything created by Hayao Miyazaki just because the stories make me feel happy when watching them, and I am in awe of the amazing artwork and visuals that appear in his movies. I also love K-On, the Read or Die anime series (and the Read or Die and Read or Dream manga series for that matter), Ah! My Goddess, Please Teacher, Please Twins, and Aria.


I like to draw in a Manga style (just because I am in love with the art style). I don't plan on becoming a Manga-ka (a professional Manga artist), but I would like to create a Manga or two. I just draw for the fun of drawing, for the love of the art, and for a better understanding of visual aesthetics which I can apply to my design style.

I like to write about the things I like, or about the things I feel need to be written about.

I love to read. I read about 4 books a week on average (I can actually read up to 10 books a week if I have nothing better to do, and I am not counting Manga on that list - because I can read about 15 of those a week). I love to read detective novels, romance novels, history books, great literary works, science fiction etc.. .

I listen to allot of music. My tastes are rather eclectic. I listen to musicians and bands from Abba to Z Z Top, and every genre in between. The only music I actually hate is old fashioned country music. My favorite singer is MELL, and that's because I love the techno-industrial sound her music has.

I like to take photographs. It gives me the ability to capture an image or event so I can sketch it later. I also like to video tape things even though I do not get a chance to operate a camcorder quite as often.

My Most Prized Possessions

I actually keep a couple of journals. My main journal Is a sketchbook that I write and draw in. I guess you could call it an art journal. It holds notes on the progress of my artwork (I am my own worst critic), my pains, rants, hopes, dreams, and wishes. It goes everywhere with me, and is one of my most prized possessions (the other one is a digital journal, and it holds ideas for my site and BLOG, work notes, and project ideas; it doesn't get updated much because it's a bit of a hassle to work with).

My graphics design rig is another one of my prized possessions, and has brought me countless hours of happy work and play time. While working at my computer (a custom Windows PC) I can be at my most creative because of the plethora of creative tools I have. The XP Pen Artist Pro 24" allows me to manually draw digitally into the computer, and software like Affinity Designer and Photo, Painter, Sketchbook Pro and Clip Studio Paint give me the ability to create to my hearts content (now ... if I was just a better artist). I also have the ability to edit and run post production on video with Davinci Resolve.


My Olympus E-Volt 410 is another prized possession as it is my favorite camera ever (well maybe out of the ones that I have owned). It was purchased for outdoor photography (it really does not do too well inside unless there is decent lighting, for those situations I rely on my point and shoot Casio Exilim), and it does a fantastic job of capturing those types of images. Even though these cameras are old and outdated they take excellent photos. Well ... that's about it ... If you have any questions please ask away. I will try to reply ... I promise